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of the contactless electronic ignition ELZ2Coil

for Motorbikes of

Honda CB350 to CB750

Kawasaki Z650, Z900, Z1000

Suzuki GT750, GT380

Advantages of the ELZ2coil

  • no wear as with breaker points
  • no placing ignition behind
  • safe cold weather starting
  • improved engine run, particularly at low numbers of revolutions
  • at high numbers of revolutions sufficiently ignite energy is supplied
  • in series inserted ignition coils can be further used in series inserted automatic
  • controller is continued to use with switched on
  • ignition and not running engine the ignition coils are switched off.
  • Thus an overload of the ignition coils and inadvertent unloading of the battery are prevented

Simple installation and only one-time-adjusting.

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